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Bring the whole family: Why kids are welcome at this Nain parenting class

The organizers wanted to make sure everyone who wanted to take part was able. That's why child care is included.

Organizers say more people can get involved when child care is provided

The prenatal class isn't just for first-time parents; moms and dads can learn new skills as their families grow. (Submitted)

It's a prenatal class for both parents and children.

The Nunatsiavut health department and the Nain Family Resource Centre have teamed up to offer classes to expectant parents.

The sessions aren't just for first-timers; parents who want to learn new skills as they grow their families can also sign up.

That's why the classes come with free child care.

"We decided that we would just get together and see if we could provide a service to the whole family," said Nunatsiavut public health nurse Joann Pye. 

"A lot of times moms wouldn't be able to come because they didn't have child care, or dads couldn't come because someone had to stay home with the children." 

The classes teach moms and dads about the different facets of parenting, focusing on new skills each week. Students also learn how to make kid-friendly dishes, like stir-fry or spaghetti.

It's good to meet new people and make friends.- Frances Harris

"A quick, easy meal that is affordable in Nain," said Pye, pointing out that food prices in the isolated Inuit community are often much higher than in other parts of Newfoundland and Labrador.

While the adults are learning, the children play, read and perform puppet shows.

"It's really good to welcome everybody.… It's good to meet new people and make friends," said Frances Harris, the family centre's program facilitator. 

Harris said while the classes teach vital skills, they also help parents and children alike to support one another. 

"They're participating in the programs really well," she said.

"They're very comfortable and they're very thankful for it."

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