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Snowmobiler killed after being buried in avalanche near Nain

A snowmobiler was caught in the path of an avalanche near Nain Saturday afternoon and died after a lengthy search through the snow, police say.

RCMP say around 100 people from Nain aided in the search

Police in Nain say a man was caught in an avalanche near the community and was later pronounced dead at the local clinic. (John Gaudi/CBC)

A snowmobiler has died following an avalanche near Nain late Saturday afternoon, police say.

Nain RCMP received a report shortly after 3 p.m that an avalanche had struck a few kilometres outside the northern Labrador community in an area popular with snowmobilers known as the Blowhole.

According to police, three men were caught in the avalanche, but only two emerged at the bottom of the slide, and were unable to locate the third man.

The entire Nain detachment responded to the area to search for the man, along with about 100 community members, the RCMP say.

He was located after a search that lasted nearly two hours and was brought to the local clinic, where he was later pronounced dead.

Some residents made posts on social media to call for help. One post requested that anyone with a snowmobile and a shovel volunteer to locate the man.

​Nain is currently under an extreme cold alert, according to Environment Canada, with evening wind chill dipping to -36 C.

The area has a history of avalanches. In 2003, six snowmobilers, including an RCMP officer, narrowly escaped a cascade of snow.

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