Nfld. & Labrador

N.L. senator quits to run in election

A Conservative senator has resigned to run in the federal election in an eastern Newfoundland riding.
Fabian Manning speaking March 28 at the launch of his campaign to win the federal riding of Avalon, eastern Newfoundland. (Mathieu Thériault/CBC)

A Conservative senator has resigned to run in the federal election in the eastern Newfoundland riding of Avalon.  

Fabian Manning wants to retake the seat he lost to federal Liberal Scott Andrews in 2008 after the successful Anything But Conservative campaign by former premier Danny Williams.

Manning was elected to represent the riding of Avalon in 2006.

The federal Conservatives are hoping to make gains in Newfoundland and Labrador after being completely shutout of the province's seven seats in 2008.  

"I will be tendering my resignation in the Senate of Canada," said Manning at his campaign launch Monday evening.

Workers and politicians from the provincial Progressive Conservatives were seen in the crowd, making it different from the 2008 campaign.

"There were people who told me that they weren't in a position to vote for me [in 2008] because they didn't want to go against what the provincial government was putting forward. I respect their decision. I look forward to their support on May 2," said Manning.

The new Conservative premier, Kathy Dunderdale, wants to win support in Ottawa for a massive hydroelectric project and Williams said he's not getting involved.

"Is there an election? I'm free of all that stuff. I don't even know what's going on," he joked when asked about it by CBC News over the weekend.

"I certainly won't be participating in an ABC campaign anymore. I'm not the premier anymore, so why should I?"

Fabian Manning is not the first Harper-appointed senator to resign and run in a federal election.

Quebec's Michael Fortier gave up his senate appointment in the 2008 election. He failed to win a seat.