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'I wasn't supposed to be arrested': Muskrat Falls protester claims no wrongdoing

A protester at the Muskrat Falls site says she stood where she was told and committed no crime prior to an arrest that left her with bruises.

Emily Wolfrey says she was on the right side of the road, should not have been charged

Protester arrested outside Muskrat Falls site

6 years ago
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Emily Wolfrey was arrested outside the Muskrat Falls site on Sunday night, but says it was unjustified.

A protester arrested at the Muskrat Falls site in the early hours of Monday morning is questioning the reason for her arrest.

Emily Wolfrey said she was standing in a so-called "safe zone" when an RCMP officer came across the street and arrested her. Wolfrey was one of several protestors arrested on Monday, but unlike the others, she was not detained while blocking the work site.

"They told me to move back off the road, so I did that," she told CBC News. "They told me to go over here and you can protest away, and I did. I said a few things and then they come over and arrested me where I wasn't supposed to be arrested."

Shouted at police before arrest

Video shot by The Independent shows a group of protestors standing back from the pavement.

Wolfrey can be heard in the background — one of several people shouting and swearing at the RCMP officers standing between the group and the entrance to the work site.

"Are you tongueless? Are you speechless?" she shouted, demanding a response from the officer in front of her.

"You're under arrest," the unidentified officer replied, pointing at Wolfrey before walking towards her. Other officers rushed in.

Emily Wolfrey shows off a bruise on her hand, which she says is a result of her arrest in the early hours of Monday. (Jacob Barker)

Moments later, she was on her knees and in handcuffs.

"She was on this side of the road," another protestor shouted as officers dragged her away.

Wolfrey, who is from Rigolet, said the arrest left her with bruises on her hand and arm. She was released on Monday afternoon.

"I was in shackles on my feet and hands, for what? Protecting my land and trying to fight for everyone."

The RCMP said the matter is before the courts and it cannot comment or provide more information.

Emily Wolfrey hugs a family member after being released from custody on Monday afternoon. (Jacob Barker/CBC)

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