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MusicNL takes over Bonavista

The annual MusicNL Awards and Conference Week is taking place in Bonavista.

This year's Songwriter's Circle is dedicated to Ron Hynes

Repartee won all five MusicNL awards they were nominated for in 2012. This year they lead the pack in nominations with six. (Photo: Courtesy | Design: Heather Collett/CBC Music)

MusicNL has taken its act on the road to Bonavista.

The annual MusicNL Awards and Conference Week is taking place in the town from Oct. 13-16. 

"[It's been] fabulous. Lots of participation. Lots of good music," Glenda Tulk, interim executive director of MusicNL, told CBC Radio's Central Morning Show.

Every second year MusicNL hosts its event outside of St. John's. Tulk said having the event in a smaller area has its advantages.

"The benefit of being in a smaller centre is that usually you're the only big show in the region really, not just the town," she said.

"And therefore all of your showcases and your gala or whatever is always better attended outside of St. John's because there's so much entertainment in [St. John's] that takes the audience."

Though places to stay have been limited, the people of Bonavista really like the festivities and have been very accommodating, Tulk said.

"Some people even moved out of their houses and went to their cottages so we could rent their houses," she said.

"So everybody has a bed."

A bird's eye view of Bonavista. (Submitted by Kevin Cahill)

An important part of the conference is the learning aspect for artists. 

"Usually every year MusicNL collects a theme for the business end of the week," Tulk said.

"It enables us to educate the participants in [the] business aspects of their careers. But it also opens [them] up to different buyers [who] come in from festivals and events and things like that and different venues that book talent. They come and they can see the potential that's there for them to purchase."

MusicNL Awards and Conference Week '16 runs from Oct. 13-16.

Events and awards gala

The event — which includes workshops, performances and an award show —  started Thursday and runs until Sunday.

Tulk said her favourite portion is always the Songwriters' Circle, which is dedicated to Ron Hynes this year.

"So all the participants will do one of Ron's songs that meant something to them and two of their own," she said. 

Sunday's gospel show at the Anglican Christ Church is not to be missed either, Tulk said. 

The Awards Gala at Garrick Theatre begins Sunday night at 8 p.m. 

Repartee leads the nominee list with six, while Duane Andrews and Long Distance Runners are up for five awards each.

With files from the Central Morning Show