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Musicians help one of their own

Musician and bar owner Gene Browne is counting his blessings after a fire left him homeless.

Bar owner lost everything but cats and guitars in a recent fire

Firefighters salvaged these guitars from the blaze that destroyed Gene Browne's apartment. (CBC)

Some St. John's performers are organizing a concert to benefit musician and bar owner Gene Browne, who was left homeless after a fire ravaged his apartment on Sunday.

The proprietor of The Levee in downtown St. John's says his apartment in Kenmount Terrace was completely destroyed by the blaze.

But Browne is grateful his two cats were saved, as well as his guitars.

He praised the leader of the firefighting crew for his quick thinking.

Musician and bar owner Gene Browne is thankful his cats and guitars survived the blaze that left him homeless. CBC

"Luckily the head fireman was a musician himself," said Browne. "He cleared all the guitars out and any musical instruments, he was after. He couldn't let them burn, he said, or be damaged any worse they were."

Browne didn't have tenant insurance, but local musicians hope Saturday's fundraiser will give him a boost.

One of the event's organizers says Browne deserves their help.  

"He's always promoting shows," said musician George Newman. "He always puts himself out there to ensure that every band has a chance to play a stage."

"He's always a big supporter of new acts coming up."

The benefit concert is set for Saturday night at The Rockhouse.