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Marystown deaths are murder-suicide, RCMP confirm

Police have confirmed that the death of two people in Marystown over the weekend was a murder-suicide.

Police say Ryanna Grywacheski was homicide victim, Jeff Kilfoy killed himself

Ryanna Grywacheski, 18, was murdered, according to police and the man her family called her boyfriend killed himself. (Facebook)

Police have confirmed that the death of two people in Marystown over the weekend was a murder-suicide.

The 18 year-old-woman found dead in a basement apartment on McGettigan Boulevard was a victim of homicide, RCMP said in a statement Tuesday. 

Her family had previously confirmed to CBC News her name was Ryanna Grywacheski of Regina.

Jeff Kilfoy, 37, died as a result of suicide and the two were in a relationship, according to police. His body was found on a trail near the apartment.

Police confirmed the cause of death after consulting with Chief Medical Examiner's office. 

The RCMP say Jeff Kilfoy, 37, died by suicide. (RCMP)

Grywacheski was of Indigenous descent, police said in their statement. Her body was discovered Saturday afternoon.

Kilfoy's body was found hours later, on Sunday morning. Police had issued warnings, and evacuated at least one neighbouring home, saying he was armed and dangerous.

Kilfoy had a criminal record that included three impaired driving convictions. A friend, who asked to remain anonymous, said he had moved to Saskatchewan in 2016 after getting out of jail.

"We are all shocked," said the friend, describing Kilfoy — a father of three — as a "talented guy."

Grywacheski had lived in Marystown for only a short time, people told CBC News. 

The RCMP said its investigation in continuing.