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MUN's no-smoking policy may be up in smoke

Memorial University has banned all smoking from their campuses, but it's not hard to evidence of people ignoring the rules.
Memorial University instituted a full smoking ban at all its campuses in August 2013. (CBC)

Memorial University last year joined a growing number of Canadian universities which have banned all smoking from their campuses.

That doesn't mean, however, that smoking has disappeared from MUN's main campus. Indeed, smoking is easy to observe near buildings like the Student Centre. 

David Sorensen is the associate director of communications at Memorial University. (CBC)

The university administration is aware that some smoking continues, despite the campus-wide ban.

Dave Sorensen, Memorial's associate director of communications, said officials are in no huge panic over it.

"We hope that this will be a culture change. We understand that it's not going to happen over night, that people will get used to the rule, talk to each other, and convince each other not to smoke on campus," Sorensen told CBC News.

Sorensen said the alternative to the university's softer approach would be an enforcement crackdown.

He said that decision would come with its own set of problems — and the university has no intention of moving in that direction.

"This is the way that culture is moving," he said.

"It was only 1992 that we banned smoking inside buildings, and now the idea of someone smoking inside seems ridiculous. We think with time, people will also have the same attitude to smoking outside."
According to MUN's smoking policy, smoking is prohibited in any indoor or other enclosed space, and on property occupied by Memorial University. (CBC)

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