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Hey MUN students! Bunmibee has advice to help you survive first year

You may follow Bunmibee on Instagram where thousands comment on her comedy videos. We're happy to welcome her to CBCNL where she's going to give us the low down on student life!

Some secrets to making life at MUN bearable

Bunmibee is lending some survival tips to first year students at Memorial University. (CBC)

We're welcoming a new face to CBCNL. Bunmibee is a student at Memorial University's business faculty and she's giving the low down on student life.  

Bunmibee has developed a loyal audience on Instagram, where thousands like and comment on her comedy videos.

We're pleased to introduce her to our CBC Newfoundland and Labrador audience with this video aimed a MUN frosh. 

Coming up next week, "What not to say to an international student."