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5 best moments from the Mount Pearl Anthem (Is Mount Pearl cool now?)

Mayor Dave Aker truly steals the show — and does the gavel drop.

Mayor Dave Aker truly steals the show — and does a gavel drop

Mount Pearl Mayor Dave Aker does a gavel drop in a video promoting his city. (City of Mount Pearl/YouTube)

Mount Pearl is shaking up its image and getting an edge by showing it's not afraid to have some fun — even at its own expense.

The city released a video for a song titled Mount Pearl Anthem on its social channels Tuesday, touching on everything from automated garbage pickup to its plethora of sports fields, its gavel-dropping mayor to the infamous Mount Pearl curl. 

The video highlights local businesses like Landwash Brewery and organizations like Admiralty House Communication Museum while poking a little fun at the city itself. 

You can watch the entire video here, with the song performed by real estate agent and Out of the Fog co-host Jason Piercey — but in the meantime, here are our top five moments. 

Oh, did we mention it's a rap?

1. Steve Kent tossing his trash

There you are, Steve Kent! We knew you wouldn't miss it. 

A self-professed lover of Mount Pearl — and the city's chief administrative officer and former mayor — Kent makes a special appearance as he shows off the city's automated garbage collection.

The Pearl is clearly proud of its robot garbage collector, and was one of the first municipalities to switch to that mode of garbage collection. 

"Now where else can you get your garbage pickup automated? The Avalon Peninsula is where we're situated."

2. Tiny pony

We don't know if walking your miniature pony is exclusive to Mount Pearl sidewalks or not, but we're here for it.

"It's all good, Peter's pepperoni, you can walk your pony."

3. Dave Aker for prime minister?

Mount Pearl Mayor Dave Aker steals the show — from fist-bumping a baby to showing off his chain of office like Snoop Dogg in a music video. 

And the entire council participated in the video, too, mouthing the rap about their beloved city.

"It's where no one's ever shady, politicians don't have to kiss your baby."

Mayors should use their gavels more often.

4. Mount Pearl curl

Break out the hairspray and pay homage to the Mount Pearl curl, a wild and big perm made infamous in the late 1980s.

The hair style was acquired by combing your hair over a book then spraying it so the bangs stuck up in the air. 

Nice, right?

5. This tiny squirrel reading the Pearl

We can only assume the taxidermy squirrel (reading a copy of the local paper, the Pearl) was introduced because of the sick rhyme.

Pearl and squirrel just kind of roll off your tongue.

"Sing it urban, sing it rural, sing it little squirrel. Welcome to Mount Pearl."

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