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Mould means mental health services relocated in Bonavista

The mould was detected in the basement of the Bonavista Peninsula Health Centre.

Programs offered at Golden Heights Manor for now, then Haley Building later this month

Eastern Health says only mental health and addiction services are affected by mould. Other programs at the facility will continue as normal. (Eastern Health)

Mould has forced some services offered at the Bonavista Peninsula Health Centre to be relocated. 

Specifically, mental health and addictions programs and support are being offered from Golden Heights Manor in Bonavista. By late August, the services will move to the Haley Building on Confederation Drive.

Those services, which include DoorWays single-session therapy and walk-in counselling, were located in the same basement where air quality tests had detected mould, according to Eastern Health. 

"Exposure to the public would be minimal with no significant health impacts for clients or employees," the health authority said in a statement Tuesday.

"In the interest of client and employee comfort and as a safety precaution, the decision was made to relocate these services."

Remediation work is now underway and the affected area is closed. 

Other services at the Bonavista Peninsula Health Centre,  including emergency care, blood collection and diagnostic testing, will continue to be offered as normal.