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MotherFumbler: Diaper bags, and what every mom needs to pack away

On a weekend when we honour moms for what they accomplish, MotherFumbler Vicki Murphy shares secrets on what's in her diaper bag.

MotherFumbler: Diaper bags


6 years ago
Vicki Murphy has advice on what ought to go into any mom's diaper bag 1:31

In case you're wondering why we celebrate mothers this weekend, here are some thoughts to bear in mind. Perhaps you think it's too sentimental and not really worth the price of a bouquet of dried-out supermarket flowers.

Think again. After all, who do do you turn to if you're hungry, thirsty, have a headache, need a tissue, want lip balm …or a socket wrench … the lady with the diaper bag, that's who! 

In her latest irreverent commentary on parenting, MotherFumbler Vicki Murphy pulls out the things she'll always pack away ... or at least the things a mom would definitely appreciate. 

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About the author 

Vicki Murphy is a writer from Badger's Quay. She's an author, columnist, creative director and creator of the award-winning blog, where she chronicles her misadventures in motherhood. She lives in Torbay with her very patient husband, two tiny humans, a dog, dust bunnies and more than 30 Lego mini-figures. 


Vicki Murphy is the author of the book MotherFumbler, and the blog of the same name.


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