The Model Shop, a staple in downtown St. John's, moving after 90 years

After 90 years in downtown St. John’s, the Model Shop is moving on up - to the west side.

Store moving to Kenmount road location with more practical features

Lori Pitcher, owner of the Model Shop, says the staff is excited to move to a new location, but sad to leave their downtown home behind. (Bruce Tilley/CBC)

After 90 years in downtown St. John's, the Model Shop is moving to a new location.

The formal clothing shop has been a fixture for people looking to get decked out for proms and weddings.

They've switched buildings downtown before, and have been in their current location at 285 Water Street since 1990.

But like all businesses who operate in the area, a downtown home comes with its limitations.

"For us, we found that we really needed a parking lot," said Lori Pitcher, the shop's owner. "So for people to access our building and access our business we decided to go to Kenmount Road where it's a better retail location."

The store is known for its window displays, but the models will have a different view come June. (Bruce Tilley/CBC)

The new location is on the site of the former Calvary Baptist Church.

Pitcher said they are sad to leave after being a staple in the downtown core for so long. But the new location comes with perks — like enough parking for 40 cars.

"I had to consider that the store has been around for so long, but unfortunately at some point times change and businesses change, so we considered all our customer's needs as well as the business's needs."

It's been in the current location since 1990, but in downtown St. John's for 90 years. Now, it's headed to Kenmount Road. 1:11

The store also ran into some accessibility issues in its current location at the Grace Building on Water Street. It has three sets of narrow stairs which make it difficult for staff and customers to get around.

"That [new] building is mostly on one floor, which is easier for anybody with any type of mobility issue to get around," Pitcher said. "And for our staff, as well, for us to see who is in the store and to help service our clients better."

Pitcher said the move will start in June and be done in phases, which means both locations will be open at the same time for a while.

The new location will be in a former church on Kenmount Road, west of the Kelsey Drive subdivision. (Bruce Tilley/CBC)

With files from Janelle Kelly