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Search in Cartwright for man missing after boating accident

A search has been under way since Thursday afternoon for a man who ended up in the water after a boat capsized.

2 men were saved from the water but another remains missing

RCMP in Cartwright got a call about the overturned boat on Thursday afternoon.

A search is underway for a man near Cartwright, Labrador after a boat capsized Thursday leaving three people in the water.

Two of the men were rescued with the help of a guide from Eagle River Trout Lodge, who happened to be in the area.

But another man is missing.

RCMP said they got a call at 12:40 p.m. Thursday from Cloud 9 Salmon Lodge.

Police officers from Cartwright, along with the Canadian Coast Guard, Canadian Armed Forces helicopters and community members have all been pitching in to help search.

The occupational health and safety division of the provincial Service NL department have also been involved.