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Water bomber, firefighters get control of dump fire threatening Ming's Bight

Firefighters in Ming's Bight had a tough fight on their hands Monday, guarding homes against a fire ripping through the town's dump.

Water bomber helps extinguish fire raging in town dump

This water bomber swooped into the water near Ming's Bight and helped douse a dump fire on Monday. (Courtesy of Graham Bowers)

Firefighters in Ming's Bight had an intense fight on Monday, guarding homes against a fire ripping through the town's landfill.

The blaze was noticed mid-afternoon and drew the attention of the local department, as well as crews from Baie Verte and the Department of Forestry and Land Resources.

About 20 families were asked to leave their homes as the fire threatened residential areas near the dump.

A water bomber was brought in and swept water from the town's bay and dropped it over the dump until the flames were under control.

"The water bomber done wonders for us," said Mayor Danny Regular. "Other than that, we'd have had a disaster on our hands."

A fire started in the Ming's Bight dump and threatened nearby houses on Monday. (Courtesy of Graham Bowers)

With help from Bailey's Equipment in Baie Verte, efforts are underway to backfill the dump with gravel and stop the spread of what's left to the fire.

Crews will remain on site overnight until a helicopter comes in the morning to check for hot spots.

"The fire department all done a good job," said town councillor Terry Fudge. "They got the fire department on until three o'clock and another crew going on at 3 a.m."

Fudge said a fire started in the dump eight days ago. While the fire department thought it was extinguished, they now figure it kept burning.

"It got down deeper in the garbage," Fudge said. "There's old cars in there where they comes and collects them. They all got on fire today and exploded. It got out in the trees everywhere."

While they don't know the cause of the fire yet, Fudge said this isn't the first time the landfill has caught fire.

"People got the notion to catch a fire in the dump. I don't know why."