Mike Moore


Mike Moore is a journalist who works with the CBC Newfoundland and Labrador bureau in St. John's.

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Salt of the worth: This company is sitting on a 350-million-year-old motherlode of rock salt

There's a big chunk of rock salt in western Newfoundland, and its worth could be golden for the company hoping to develop a mine that could run for decades. 

Why's beer so expensive in N.L.? It's not all taxes

The price of some brews has gone up again, but a few reasons factor into the price tag.

There's an E. coli outbreak in N.L., with province confirming 22 cases this week

The province's chief medical officer of health says the first cases were at Memorial University in St. John's, but there are cases in the central and western regions as well.

Newfoundland-Labrador transportation link? Conservatives, NDP are skeptical

A long-debated fixed link from Newfoundland to Labrador is supported by the federal Liberals in their election platform.

St. John's skaters ride The Rooms

The Boarder X exhibit has officially stomped its landing in The Rooms, starting off with a full weekend of skateboarding, music and food — and a custom-built halfpipe for anyone to skate.

Rum Ragged's eyes opened to Labrador problems after 10 days of being stranded

The folk group Rum Ragged, which is booked for the headlining slot at the N.L. Folk Festival, says it is learning a lot about what residents of coastal Labrador endure.

It started as a canoe trip. It turned into a bear attack

A journey into the great outdoors quickly turned into a serious medical emergency for a group of four who are no strangers to long paddling trips.

Artist disappointed by defaced traffic box mural

Clean St. John's commissioned artists to paint murals on at least 50 traffic boxes across the city to deter graffiti artists from painting over them — but in at least one case, it didn't work.

You won't have to walk 500 miles across this downtown St. John's crosswalk anymore

The City of St. John's is digging in on trying to make one of downtown's more awkward intersections safer for pedestrians and road traffic.

Try, try again: N.L. rugby player heading to Italy for competition after all

An unsent email meant Tony Pomroy was told just a week ago he couldn't play on the Canadian team at the World University Games.

New video from local skateboard filmmaker showcases skate community's growth

For more than a decade, athe 30-year-old has been making skateboard videos that feature local talent in locations that spread far beyond the confines of St. John's.

Diver continues year-long ocean cleanup with cash boost from Bay Roberts

Shawn Bath has taken a year off of work to clean harbours and coves around the island, and his main source of income is donations.

Recycling spat escalates as shipments from western Newfoundland cut off

Waste management groups in western and central Newfoundland are recycling something other than cardboard and tins: an an old argument about how much waste the west can send to central.

How these one-of-a-kind kicks are giving Special Olympic athletes a boost

Local artist Sailor Danny and St. John's Edge star Carl English created a one-of-a-kind shoe to auction off in support of the province's Special Olympic Games.

Three men and a podcast: Third Man In offers new hockey show with familiar names

Three friends who take hockey seriously — and have an impressive library of facts about the sport tucked under their caps to toss out faster than a Zdeno Chara slapshot — have started a grassroots podcast dedicated to the game.