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This perfectly still outport scene helped a St. John's photographer win a magazine competition

A wonderful evening in Newtown gave Michael Winsor a photo that captured first place in a Canadian Geographic magazine competition.

Michael Winsor's photo of a tranquil evening in Newtown will be featured in Canadian Geographic

Michael Winsor's photo Evening Reflection has won a Canadian Geographic contest. (Michael Winsor)

Michael Winsor spends a lot of time travelling around Newfoundland and Labrador looking for the perfect shot — and that's what he found on a calm summer evening in Bonavista Bay. 

The St. John's-based photographer has captured first place in a Canadian Geographic magazine competition with his photo of a punt and fishing stages reflected in the still waters of the Barbour Living Heritage Village in Newtown.

Winsor used a seven-second exposure to capture the image he called Evening Reflection. 

Winsor says he's always loved the outdoors, and landscapes are his specialty. This image is from base camp in the Torngat Mountains National Park in Labrador. (Michael Winsor)

It was taken during "blue hour" — a period of twilight when the light takes on a blue shade — and the unusually calm conditions made for an award-winning setting.

"Basically you open the shutter and let seven seconds pass by, so anything that moves at all you would see some blur," Winsor told CBC Radio's Central Morning

"And there's actually no blur at all on the boat — which is pretty amazing for Newfoundland," said Winsor, who is from Wesleyville, not far from where the photo was taken.

Winsor says this photo was taken early in the morning with a 600-millimetre lens to increase the moon size. He waited and positioned the shot to get the full moon between the two pillars of the Basilica in St. John's. (Michael Winsor)

Winsor's photo was the category winner in the landscape division of Canadian Geographic's Show Us Your Riding contest, and will be featured in an upcoming issue.

Winsor recently sold 3,500 pictures to the new Alt Hotel in St. John's, which were resized to two-by-two-inch squares for a 10 foot high exhibit in the lobby.

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