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First Listen: Michael Kinsella's songs from Tilting, Fogo island

Michael Kinsella has taken the lyrics of his father and uncle from Tilting, Fogo Island, and set them to music for his first solo album.

The Sunny Skies, the Clouds and Dwies features lyrics by Kinsella's father and uncle

Musician Michael Kinsella, centre, with his uncle Leo Kinsella on the left, and his father, Joseph Kinsella, on the right. (Courtesy Michael Kinsella )

Michael Kinsella grew up in St. John's, but his family's spiritual home was Tilting, Fogo Island.

Kinsella's parents both came from Tilting, and they were part of a close-knit circle of Tilting ex-patriotes.

"All their friends, when I was growing up, they were all from Tilting," recalled Kinsella.

"So parties, get togethers, social events, it was all Tilting people."

Kinsella's solo album, The Sunny Skies, the Clouds and Dwies: Songs from Tilting, Fogo Island features the lyrics, songs and poems of Kinsella's father, Joseph Kinsella, and his uncle, Leo Kinsella.

"They've always been prolific writers," said Kinsella of his father and uncle.

Michael Kinsella then took their words and set them to music.  

Have a listen to Michael Kinsella's interview with Heather Barrett on CBC's Weekend AM.

On First Listen....we're going on a musical journey to Tilting with Michael Kinsella, and his solo album The Sunny Skies, the Clouds, and Dwies . 17:27

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