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MHA apologizes for text message sent to mayor

Terra Nova MHA Colin Holloway released an apology Wednesday for texting the mayor of St. Brendan's: 'Remember, you didn't vote for me.'

MHA Colin Holloway texted 'You didn't vote for me' to St. Brendan's Mayor Veronica Broomfield

MHA Colin Holloway apologized Wednesday for a text message he sent in late 2016 to St. Brendan's Mayor Veronica Broomfield. (Government of Newfoundland/Facebook)

Terra Nova MHA Colin Holloway issued an apology Wednesday afternoon regarding a text message he sent to St. Brendan's Mayor Veronica Broomfield last fall.

"I regret that a conversation which took place over text messaging has led to the perception that I do not care about certain communities," Holloway's statement read.

"In view of this, I wish to apologize for the poor choice of words I used in my message. I am the MHA for every community in the District of Terra Nova, and I take this role very seriously."

In an interview with CBC Radio's Central Morning in December, Broomfield said she and Holloway were discussing cuts to the community's ferry service when the text message was sent, adding she has dealt with provincial politicians for years and has never had a similar conversation. 

The text exchange was posted on social media in December and garnered attention from the MHA for Mount Pearl North, Steve Kent, and the former MHA for Terra Nova, Sandy Collins.  

In part, Holloway told the mayor, "Remember, you didn't vote for me."

Broomfield said the text message caused concern for her about the town's relationship with its elected MHA.

In his apology, Holloway stated he will continue to work towards representing the town.

"As MHA I will continue to ensure that the residents of St. Brendan's get the representation they require and deserve, and I firmly believe that this is something both Mayor Broomfield and I are working towards," Holloway said in his statement.

"My office has reached out to Mayor Broomfield with a request to meet and focus our efforts on engaging in meaningful dialogue on issues that are important to both of us and to the communities we represent. These are important discussions for us to have, and I look forward to maintaining this type of open dialogue with Mayor Broomfield moving forward."