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Message in a bottle from Newfoundland found on Scotland beach

From Jackson's Arm in White Bay to the coast of Scotland is a long way to float but a bottle is believed to have done just that.

The mystery message is creating quite a stir in Jackson's Arm

The message is dated Monday July 23, 2001 or 2007 and reads "This was sent over at Jackson's Arm, Newfoundland. (Submitted by Jason Tolmie)

From Jackson's Arm, Newfoundland to Scotland is a long way to float, but a message in a bottle is believed to have done just that.

Jackson's Arm to western Scotland - a bottle is believed to have floated all that distance. Jason Tolmie of London found the bottle, containing a note. 22-year-old Jessica White-Reid of Jackson's Arm wonders who sent it on its way across the ocean.

Jason Tolmie found the plastic pop bottle washed up on Hosta Beach in Scotland nearly a year ago and has recently taken to social media to help find the person who sent it out to sea.

"I really couldn't believe it when I found it, I was really quite excited," said Tolmie.

Jason Tolmie found the message that came from Jackson's Arm in a bottle, on a beach in Scotland. (Submitted by Jason Tolmie)

I couldn't get the lid off to start with … it was stuck on there good and proper.- Jason Tolmie

"So I had to cut the plastic bottle in half to get the note out."

Tomlie, who hails from London, said the note looked to be written by a child or someone quite young, adding that they may not realize it would ever have a chance of being found and certainly not so far away.

"I knew Newfoundland was on the east coast of the United States kind of area but I didn't know where Jackson's Arm was," Tolmie told CBC's Corner Brook Morning Show.

The message was in a plastic pop bottle. (Submitted by Jason Tolmie)

"It would be nice to find out who sent it and if they remember sending it because it could have been up to 15 years ago." 

He's eager to find the owner and is hopeful that social media will help, even with such little information to go on.

"I don't know if they want it back for a keepsake or something like that."

Stir in Jackson's Arm

The mystery message is creating quite a stir in Jackson's Arm since it went public.

There's no signature and that has everyone wondering who could have sent it.

It's almost like a scavenger hunt, it is pretty exciting.- Jessica White-Reid

"I think I sent like a couple hundred myself and the chances of it being mine are slim but what if it was mine or my sister's or my best friends ... it could be anybody," said Jessica White-Reid.

"Something so simple as a piece of paper in a bottle is just making everybody's day." 

White-Reid added that her mother has started going through old keepsakes to see if any of her children's writing matches the message.

"It's almost like a scavenger hunt, it is pretty exciting and I guess everybody can't wait to see if someone claims it," said White-Reid adding that she will continue to put messages in bottles and send them out to sea.

Tolmie said his message has been posted on Jackson's Arm Facebook page but there hasn't been anyone come forward yet.


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