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Land & Sea: Summer on Merasheen

From 1980, Dave Quinton joins the Barry family as they return to their ancestral home on Merasheen, Placentia Bay, to ply the summer cod fishery.

A full episode from 1980 on the resettled island of Merasheen

In the summer of 1980 three generations of the Barry family returned to get away from it all.

A "beautiful, wonderful life" — that's how Jim Barry describes his family's summers on Merasheen Island.

In the summer of 1980, despite the many reminders of the island's resettlement, three generations of the Barrys returned to fish, play and get away from it all.

While the kids happily ran wild over grassy paths, rowed dories and explored abandoned coves, the men and women fished.

Watch as the kids happily run wild over grassy paths, row dories and explore abandoned coves while the men and women fish for cod, salmon, turbot, dogfish and wolffish for the daily collection from the Natsea plant in Arnold's Cove. 

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