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Sprinkler malfunction causes MUN library evacuation

Memorial University's Queen Elizabeth II Library was evacuated Wednesday morning after a sprinkler head burst and triggered the alarm system.

Library staff say no books damaged by water

Staff say roughly 600 people were evacuated from the Queen Elizabeth II Library on Memorial University's St. John's campus Wednesday afternoon. (Laura Howells/CBC)

Memorial University's Queen Elizabeth II Library in St. John's was evacuated Wednesday after a frozen sprinkler head burst and triggered the alarm system.

Library staff said roughly 600 people were evacuated from the building shortly after 12 p.m.

The malfunction occurred in a stairwell on the north side of the library. Fire crews were on the scene. 

MUN officials said there was no damage to the main interior of the library or to any books. 

The water appears to have significantly damaged the ceiling of a walkway that connects the library to the university's student centre. 

The library was closed for more than an hour and will reopen Wednesday afternoon. 

MUN officials say a sprinkler head froze and burst in this stairwell on the side of the library. (Laura Howells/CBC)