Tangled helicopter hoist delays offshore medevac

The injured person had to remain on the vessel 280 nautical miles from St. John's, but received medical care.

Distress call from vessel received by Halifax's Joint Rescue Coordination Centre Monday night

The Cormorant helicopter transporting an injured person is seen landing at the Health Sciences Centre in St. John's Tuesday morning, after an issue with its hoist prevented a medevac Monday night from a marine vessel. (Fred Hutton/CBC)

A nighttime rescue attempt went awry when a Cormorant helicopter's hoist became snagged while trying to airlift an injured crew member off a ship about 280 nautical miles from St. John's. 

Halifax's Joint Rescue Coordination Centre (JRCC) also dispatched two Hercules and a Canadian Coast Guard vessel in addition to the Cormorant in response to the distress call Monday night. 

The tangled hoist had to be cut, according to a tweet by Joint Task Force Atlantic (JTFA).

A search and rescue technician stayed overnight on the vessel to provide medical care to the injured crew member.

The Joint Task Force Atlantic tweeted this image showing the key locations involved in the rescue. (JTFA/Twitter)

"The Cormorant refueled at the Hibernia oil platform before hoisting the patient and transporting them to St. John's early this morning," reads another tweet by JTFA.

There were no details on how the crew member was hurt, or the extent of the injuries.