Possible stolen jewelry, suspect IDs discovered in ditched Mazda 3

Flipping through blue booklets, four men accused in a string of home invasions on the northeast Avalon look at evidence collected as part of the case against them.

Home invasion trial sees what was taken from Mohamed Salim's car

A conditional release card issued for Abdifatah Mohamed by Correctional Service of Canada was discovered inside a vehicle which also allegedly contained stolen goods. (Court exhibit)

Flipping through labelled blue booklets, four men accused in a string of home invasions on the northeast Avalon take a look at evidence collected as part of the case police have against them.

Gary Hennessey, 33, Mitchell Nippard, 26, Tyler Donahue, 24, and Abdifatah Mohamed, 28, are on trial for four violent home invasions that took place over one week last February.

All four were similar in nature — masked men with guns barged into homes, taking jewelry, cash and other items.

Police forensic photographs show what was inside a grey Mazda 3 with Ontario plates that police suspect was used as a getaway vehicle during the last home invasion on Angel's Road in Paradise on Feb. 9.

An older style $50 bill was reported stolen by the Crant family after a home invasion on Feb. 8, 2017. A similar-style bill was found in Mohamed Salim's car. (Court exhibit)

The vehicle belonged to Mohamed Salim, 28, of Toronto.

Salim was found dead on March 3 behind a dump truck in a quarry off the Trans-Canada Highway, two kilometres away from the home invasion. It's believed he froze to death.

Police officers located the vehicle on Dawe's Road, a street perpendicular to Angel's Road, shortly after the home invasion.

The keys were in the ignition and the passenger side window was down, but no one was inside.

A police dog would later track down — and bite — Donahue in a wooded area near the Conception Bay South bypass.

Mohamed, wearing one boot, was found hiding under a tree.

When police examined the vehicle, they found Nippard's driver's licence and identification cards for Salim and Mohamed.

Police say they located a Canon camera and accessories in the trunk of Mohamed Salim's Mazda 3 after it was found running on Dawe's Road in Paradise on Feb. 9, 2017. (Court exhibit)

In the trunk, they located a Canon camera belonging to Ivan and Daphne Crant, who said it was stolen during an armed intrusion at their home the night before.

There were also chains, rings and a watch, as well as old cups and plastic utensils that were later sent for DNA analysis.

Mohamed was tied to the vehicle by his ID as well as his DNA found on a straw and fork.

A handgun was located covered in ice in a snowbank off Dawe's Road, in close proximity to an armed home intrusion on Angel's Road in Paradise on Feb. 9, 2017. (Court exhibit)

Police found a .22 calibre older-style handgun with the serial number filed off frozen into the ground in a snowbank off Dawe's Road, as well as an XBox with controller and cord, splayed on the street. 

The items were reportedly taken during the home invasion on nearby Angel's Road.

Judge refuses to strike down search warrants

Meanwhile, Judge Mike Madden has ruled against two applications by Hennessey's lawyer, Derek Hogan, to exclude from evidence a search warrant and information obtained as a result.

Madden already ruled that a text message read on Hennessey's phone could not be used in evidence. 

That text was later used as part of the basis to obtain a search warrant, which produced some of the evidence expected to be presented at the trial.

However, Madden found that police had enough information — aside from the text message — to get the search warrant.

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