Marystown YMCA exceeds opening expectations

There's a new popular hangout in Marystown — but it's not a restaurant or a pub. It's the YMCA.

Fitness facility boasting 1,400+ members since February

The Marystown Recreation Centre is owned by the Town of Marystown and is operated by the YMCA of Newfoundland and Labrador. (WIP)

There's a new popular hangout in Marystown — but it's not a restaurant or a pub. 

It's the YMCA. 

Project Manager Twyla Fradsham told the St. John's Morning Show that since the facility's doors opened in February, the response has been "incredible." 

"When we opened the door, we didn't close the door," she said.

"We had opened with some pre-sales of about 200 members. And the hope was that by the end of the month we'd have about 450 members. Currently we're at 1,400 members plus."

Fradsham said there was a lot of advance hype about the facility opening, which likely helped with the high membership success. 

Something for all ages

"It's something that the town, the communities around it were very much excited about," Fradsham said.

"A new fitness facility, a new swimming pool in the facility. And people were just excited to have a place to go and workout, and become more healthy and fit."

Fradsham said she and her staff were amazed at the sheer volume of people signing up for classes, such as aquafit.

"One of the first aquafit classes we had, the ladies started coming in and we're watching it ... and they keep coming," she said.

"And I look out at the pool — and there are 94 people doing aquafit." 

Fradsham said the main pool has six lanes, and measures 25 metres. The facility also has a play pool with waterslide and three change rooms. 

There are features for all age groups as well, including a multi-purpose gymnasium, an indoor walking/running track, a child-minding room and a fully-equipped conditioning centre.

The facility is owned by the Town of Marystown and operated by the YMCA of Newfoundland and Labrador.

It marks the first Y presence on the Burin Peninsula.