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Marystown erupts as Kaetlyn Osmond brings home Olympic bronze

A small — but loud — crowd of dedicated supporters burst into enthusiastic cheer early Friday morning in Marystown, as they saw their local hero clinch a third Olympic medal.

Osmond, 22, now has three Olympic medals

The Kaetlyn Osmond Arena in Marystown bursts into cheers as it watches Osmond clinch a medal in women's figure skating in the 2018 Olympic Games. (Garrett Barry/CBC)

A small — but loud — crowd of dedicated supporters burst into enthusiastic cheer early Friday morning in Marystown, N.L. as they saw their local hero clinch a third Olympic medal.

Supporters at the Kaetlyn Osmond Arena kept themselves awake until 1:30 a.m., and saw Osmond win a bronze medal in women's figure skating.

"I would have to say it's phenomenal, actually surreal, it doesn't even seem real to me tonight," said Gary Osmond, Kaetlyn's older brother.

"I'm just blown away. I kind of hoped that she would score a medal of her own tonight, but I certainly didn't expect it of her, the fact that she's bringing it home, I've still gotta process it." 

It's Osmond's third Olympic medal, adding to a gold in this year's figure skating team event, and a silver from the team event in the 2014 Sochi Olympic Games.

She beat her personal-best score on her way to the bronze.

Among the dozens who assembled for the late-night watch party in Marystown was Gerard Baker.

He's worked at the town's arena for almost 40 years, and says he remembers well when Osmond was just a young girl, learning to skate on his ice surface.

"She was always pretty determined to do well," he said. "Whenever she was on the ice, and when she fell down she'd cry, and come off, and get up in her mom or dad's arm, go to the bathroom and get her tears dried up and before you knew it, back on the ice again, spinning around again."

Osmond's Olympic journey, which has seen her recover from a broken leg in 2014, is serving as an inspiration to young figure skaters in her hometown, according to cousin and friend Kia Power.

Kia Power says Kaetlyn Osmond's success is serving as an inspiration to young skaters in Marystown. She says she trained with Osmond in figure skating when she was a child. (Garrett Barry/CBC)

"I think it's so important, that they can revel in her joy, that they can see her confidence, that they know that even though, you know, sometimes life brings you down and throws those hardships at you, that you can build yourself back up and that dreams come true," she said.

"We're in a small town, and sometimes we see the world around us and we forget that there's such a big world and so many opportunities out there for us."

One of the young skaters finding encouragement from Osmond's success is 12-year-old Kendra Coady, who says the Olympic Games are a big reason she decided to first ask her mom for figure skating lessons.

"After watching her, and you get on the ice, you'll be like I can do everything and then you go and try it. And maybe you might fail, but it just gives you more motivation to get up and do it again until you get it right." 

Hero's welcome planned

Osmond is scheduled to return to Marystown in April, where she will be guest performer with the Ice Crystal skating club's annual performance on April 14.

She's also set to perform in St. John's, Grand Falls-Windsor and in Corner Brook, according to Gary Osmond.

"I think a lot of people are excited for that time to come, she's accomplished a lot and she's got so many fans from here on the island," he said.

"We're all stoked to see her." 

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