Windy weather backs up hundreds of vehicles at Marine Atlantic ports

A Marine Atlantic spokesperson says that there are around 150 commercial vehicles waiting in North Sydney and 200 in Port aux Basques.

Friday night crossings from North Sydney and Port aux Basques should go ahead after 2 down days

The Blue Puttees was able to depart North Sydney Thursday night, the first run from North Sydney since Tuesday morning. (CBC )

Marine Atlantic is working to clear a backlog of hundreds of vehicles which have been waiting to cross the Cabot Strait after bad weather sidelined ferries for most of the week.

As of Friday morning, there were about 150 commercial vehicles waiting in North Sydney and 200 waiting in Port aux Basques, Marine Atlantic spokesperson Darrell Mercer said in an email. 

Wind warnings for gusts up to 150 km/h put a stop to the sailings from both ports on Tuesday night and all day Wednesday.

On Thursday, during a short break in the bad weather, ferries managed to set out from both North Sydney and Port aux Basques, each moving about 90 commercial vehicles.

But late Thursday night, the weather got worse and all crossings scheduled for Friday morning were cancelled, Mercer said.

The forecast for Friday night is looking much better, he said, so Marine Atlantic has scheduled an extra commercial crossing from North Sydney Friday night.

Both of the other regularly scheduled crossings are expected to go ahead, he said.

That's good news for the approximately 200 passengers booked on the regular 11:45 p.m. trip from Port aux Basques and another 225 booked from North Sydney.

With each trip taking between 80 and 100 commercial vehicles, Mercer said Marine Atlantic expects the backlog will be cleared up Friday night.