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'Man of a Thousand Songs' print being sold for Ron Hynes charity

A St. John's artist and graphic designer is using a Ron Hynes print he created to raise money for the musician's charity.
Duncan Major is a graphic designer and artist that designed a poster for Ron Hynes in 2013 which is now being sold for his memorial fund. (CBC)

A St. John's artist and graphic designer is using a Ron Hynes print he created to raise money for the musician's charity.

Duncan Major created a poster of Hynes for a 2013 concert tour and called it 'Man of a Thousand Songs," like the nickname given to the legendary songwriter.

Like many, Major wanted to pay tribute, after hearing news of Hynes's passing on Thursday, so he decided to reach out to the Hynes family to see if they would be interested in using the print as a way to raise money for the charity launched in his name.

St. John's artist Duncan Major created this print of Ron Hynes for a 2013 concert tour. (Twitter/@duncanmajor)

The poster features a profile of the singer-songwriter's face, made up of titles from Hynes's extensive library of songs.

Major said the project made him realize why Hynes is referred to as the 'man of a thousand songs'.

"I went through his catalog and did a lot of copy and pasting, he's got a lot of songs," he said.

"So we chose certain length of songs worked better for certain areas of the image.It was amazing to see how many songs he had created, and so many good songs too."

The poster features many of Ron Hynes's songs, strategically placed to outline a side profile of the singer-songwriter. (CBC)

All proceeds from the prints that are sold will go to the Ron Hynes Memorial Fund, and suggested donations to get a copy of the print is $25.00.

Major said he's happy with the response he's been getting so far.

"It feels good to help out in some way," Major said. "It's nice to see people connected to it."

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