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Man arrested after woman's body found in Kilbride apartment, but not in relation to her death

A man is being held in custody for unrelated matters, while the province's chief medical examiner works to determine if a woman was killed in a Kilbride apartment.

RNC says man was picked up at the scene for outstanding warrants, held in custody

A Royal Newfoundland Constabulary vehicle sits outside a Killam Properties apartment building in Kilbride, where a woman's body was found on Wednesday. (Ryan Cooke/CBC)

It was just after 10:30 p.m. on Wednesday when two residents of an apartment complex in the Kilbride neighbourhood of St. John's saw swirling blue lights dancing across their walls.

A few minutes later, they looked outside to see a man being escorted across the parking lot in handcuffs by Royal Newfoundland Constabulary officers.

The couple told CBC News they didn't realize something sinister may have happened in their building until the next morning.

"The police came and knocked on the door and started asking questions," said a man who lives in the building. "I didn't know anybody died."

The RNC says a 45-year-old woman was found dead, but they aren't saying whether or not it was a homicide.

That is for the province's chief medical examiner, Simon Avis, to decide. As of Thursday evening, his report on the death had not been submitted to the RNC.

A spokesperson for the police confirmed a man was taken into custody Wednesday night, but said he was not arrested in connection with the woman's death.

Police say they are not treating anyone as a suspect, since the medical examiner has not yet ruled on whether or not the death was criminal.

She was a sweet girl, a really nice woman.- Neighbour

As it turns out, police arrived at the Meadowland Manor apartment building to find a dead body and a man with an outstanding warrant for his arrest — unrelated to what police are treating as a suspicious death.

Police have not said whether the man and woman knew each other.

He was held in custody on Thursday, pending an appearance at provincial court. Since police are not releasing his identity, it is not yet known if he has already appeared, or will be in court on Friday.

Residents told CBC News the deceased woman was an amiable person, who would smile and greet people in the halls. Her identity is also not being released at this time.

"She was a sweet girl, a really nice woman," said one resident who asked to remain anonymous.

She said the woman would greet her with a warm hello when they crossed paths, but that was the extent of their relationship.

Police say they don't know when an update will be provided, but they'll continue to hold the scene until Avis's report is completed and a cause of death is determined.

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