Malone Mullin


Malone Mullin reports for all platforms in St. John's. She previously worked on the web desk at CBC Toronto and CBC Vancouver.

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Bell Island's water looks like 'chocolate,' and residents are fed up

While the mayor says the tap water is technically safe to drink, even he doesn't want to — and a permanent fix could be years away.

With urban Indigenous population booming in N.L., new group tackling demographic challenges

St. John's has the fastest-growing urban Indigenous population in the entire country, and groups are pulling together to figure out how to serve the demographic's distinct needs.

Downtown heritage-area developments for Anglican diocese causing a stir in St. John's

Some residents are concerned that two project proposals for the Anglican diocese for modernized buildings and condos could change historic sites in the capital.

Fighting depression with pushups: Avalon challenge hits 4th year

One Renews family is asking people to do 100 pushups to fight stigma around mental health.

Growlers sell the jerseys off their backs in equipment sale

The Kelly Cup winners sold off everything from sticks to game pucks at Mile One Centre Saturday.

School district says it's made improvements to bus safety, but nutrition still a challenge

Thursday's auditor general's report found a lack of oversight in bus safety and healthy foods in schools.

AG report raises alarms for N.L. school bus safety, nutrition

A three-pronged report from the province's auditor general has raised a number of alarms for children in schools across Newfoundland and Labrador, and the education minister says changes will be made.

Come From Away cancels world's biggest screech-in after backlash

Mirvish Productions backpedalled on its plans to hold a theatre-wide screech-in ceremony in Toronto this July, saying it heard Newfoundlanders "loud and clear."

Cape Broyle teen celebrates end of high school having never missed a day of class — since kindergarten

What's the secret? A bit of luck — and perhaps wisdom beyond his years.

Abortion doulas help women with nowhere else to turn

Birth doulas help expectant mothers — but for women wanting to know more about options to terminate a pregnancy, these counselors-in-training can lend a helping hand.

Facebook says it's tackling trolls and fake news in N.L. election, but steps back from censorship

The social media monolith says it has a whole team dedicated to battling misinformation in Canadian elections — but it's at loggerheads with the company's fear of censorship.

Here's what happens when you spoil a ballot

Don't like who's running in your district? You could just stay home on election day. Or you could enter a spoiled ballot vote in protest.

It's not your imagination. N.L.'s weather is getting weirder

Storms and seasons in Newfoundland and Labrador aren't the same as when you were a kid, one climatologist says.

Here's how the next N.L. premier would help children with disabilities

Families are telling the province they can't afford to pay for their kids. This was the response on the campaign trail.

Parents say they 'can't afford' their disabled children under N.L. health system

Lauren Tucker, a six-year-old cerebral palsy patient, is cared for around the clock by her parents who say the provincial government won't help them with her costs.