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Malone Mullin reports for all platforms in St. John's. She previously worked on the web desk at CBC Toronto and CBC Vancouver.

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Abortion doulas help women with nowhere else to turn

Birth doulas help expectant mothers — but for women wanting to know more about options to terminate a pregnancy, these counselors-in-training can lend a helping hand.

Facebook says it's tackling trolls and fake news in N.L. election, but steps back from censorship

The social media monolith says it has a whole team dedicated to battling misinformation in Canadian elections — but it's at loggerheads with the company's fear of censorship.

Here's what happens when you spoil a ballot

Don't like who's running in your district? You could just stay home on election day. Or you could enter a spoiled ballot vote in protest.

It's not your imagination. N.L.'s weather is getting weirder

Storms and seasons in Newfoundland and Labrador aren't the same as when you were a kid, one climatologist says.

Here's how the next N.L. premier would help children with disabilities

Families are telling the province they can't afford to pay for their kids. This was the response on the campaign trail.

Parents say they 'can't afford' their disabled children under N.L. health system

Lauren Tucker, a six-year-old cerebral palsy patient, is cared for around the clock by her parents who say the provincial government won't help them with her costs.

Can't find CBD oil? You're not alone — cannabis retailer frustrated by shortages

There's little solid research into the cannabis product, but that hasn't stopped people from swarming recreational stores for more of it.

Ambulance workers 'at their breaking point,' face uncertain future after funding pulled: union

A dispute between the province and Moore's Ambulance Service has left 22 employees in turmoil, according to their union, facing job losses and still owed $150,000 in unpaid wages.

45 people seeking treatment after gas exposure at St. John's arena

The Health Sciences Centre was put on disaster alert Friday evening after a suspected gas leak at Bussey Arena sent dozens for medical treatment.

Where's one of the best places to be a woman? St. John's, report suggests

A Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives report ranks St. John's high on the list of cities closing the gender gap — but it's not necessarily because women are doing better.

Life after Rona: Workers still licking their wounds after mass job losses

It was a well-paying job that many workers thought would last until retirement. Now, it's gone.

Moose stuck in bog hole could have been saved if officials got there sooner, resident says

A New-Wes-Valley man isn't happy about wildlife officers' delayed response to an injured animal he found while snowmobiling.

What's the best fast food burger in N.L.? These judges found out

A rigorous system ranked the burgers on taste, toppings and bun.

Burin Peninsula drop-in mental health services a success, but concerns linger

Suicides in the region have plummeted since a new drop-in counselling model was introduced, but some experts still see room for improvement

Rats chewing their way through Torbay, residents say — and they really like hot tubs

One horrified homeowner in Torbay, N.L., is warning others to check every nook and cranny for destructive rats, which residents say have been slowly taking over the town in recent years.