C.B.S. rising star Mallory Johnson climbing iTunes country music chart

Forget December 25th, today was Christmas morning for Conception Bay South singer/songwriter Mallory Johnson. Her debut single "Tupelo" cracked iTunes' country music top songs list — and it hasn't been for sale a full day yet.

Mallory Johnson's debut single cracks top 10 in country music genre on iTunes

Mallory Johnson from C.B.S. is climbing iTunes country music chart. 1:47

Forget December 25th, today was Christmas morning for Conception Bay South singer/songwriter Mallory Johnson. Her debut single Tupelo cracked iTunes' country music top songs list — and it hasn't been for sale a full day yet.

Tupelo as in Tupelo, Mississippi — the birthplace of Elvis Presley— is currently sitting in the sixth spot.

Mallory Johnson's debut single "Tupelo" at number six on iTunes' country music top songs list (CBC)

'It's surreal'

"The craziest thing for me today was seeing it creep up underneath Chris Stapleton who I adore right now, I'm like his biggest fan," said Johnson. "I'm passing Carrie Underwood and people like that. I mean, it's amazing."

Johnson and her family are funding the album entitled Postcard from Tennessee.

The release date hasn't been finalized yet but Johnson is expecting her album to drop sometime after Christmas.

In the meantime, she's reveling in her single's popularity.

"I actually didn't even expect my name or the picture of the single to even pop up on any chart, let alone it going from 27, to 23 to jumping to top 13 and then ten. It's just crazy" said Johnson.

"I could go back to God knows what number tomorrow, but for right now it's definitely surreal to see my name in between Keith Urban."

Country Music Heavyweights 

American country music star Sammy Kershaw produced the album. He signed Johnson last year after she won a local singing competition.

25-year-old Mallory Johnson and her producer, Sammy Kershaw (Submitted by Mallory Johnson )

A contract wasn't part of the prize pack but contest organizers passed her name along to the Queen of my Double Wide Trailer singer.

Johnson wrote five of the songs on the upcoming album. The other six, including the debut single, were written by songwriting heavyweights.

"We were hoping that would give it the little extra push that it needed" said Johnson.

Gordie Sampson, Hillary Lindsey and Steve McEwan co-wrote the track Tupelo.

Individually, they've written for country superstars like Keith Urban, Taylor Swift and Kenny Chesney.

Johnson says the single they wrote is a fun, lighthearted love song. "We thought people would enjoy jamming along to it in their car. It's super catchy," she said.

Recording Process

Mallory Johnson preparing to record band tracks on her trip to Nashville in May (Submitted by Mallory Johnson)

The recording was split among Nashville, Alabama and Newfoundland: Band tracks in Nashville, vocals in Alabama and backup vocals here, at a home studio in St. John's. Local singer Chad Murphy provided all the male vocals on Johnson's CD.

A music video for Tupelo is also local and in the works. For that, Johnson has enlisted her brother, Cecil Johnson, and his production company, Tuckamore Productions. They're aiming to release that in January.

Johnson formerly fronted her family's group The Cormiers. The Cormiers have won six MusicNL awards since 2005. 


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