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In Malaysia, you can get a feed of Marrybrown

Malaysia's first and biggest fast food chain seems familiar.

Eat, drink and be marry — not Mary Brown's

Andrew Younghusband enjoys a proper feed of Marrybrown. (Andrew Younghusband/Facebook)

Good news for homesick Newfoundlanders and Labradorians in Malaysia. And China, Azerbaijan, Brunei, India, Indonesia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Tanzania, and Thailand.

Andrew Younghusband, host of Canada's Worst Driver, was in Mayanmar on Friday and found himself a feed of Marrybrown.

No, not Mary Brown's — Marrybrown

A feed of Mary Brown's in St. John's. (Bruce Tilley/CBC)

Turns out, Marrybrown is Malaysia's oldest and biggest fast food chain.

And like the Newfoundland food chain that sounds just like it, Marrybrown serves fried chicken and fries. And rice and Chick-A-Pops.

Marrybrown serves chicken pieces, chicken burgers, noodle bowls with fried chicken and also offers a halal menu. (Marrybrown/Facebook)

According to an article in The Star, an English newspaper and news site in Malaysia, the Marrybrown chain began in 1981 and is in the Malaysian record books as the country's first fast food chain.

There are now 450 Marrybrown restaurants in 20 countries.

Mary Brown's is a chain restaurant based in Newfoundland and Labrador that dates back to 1969 and has more than 120 restaurant locations.

In a Facebook comment, Younghusband said Marrybrown chicken is pretty good.

Marryybrown has been on the go since 1981. There are franchises in 20 different countries. (Marrybrown/Facebook)