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Meet Luke, a former RCMP dog, who is living his best life in retirement

The Gloden Lab mix retired from last summer after nine years with the force.

The Golden Lab mix retired last summer after a nine-year successful career

Who's a good boy?! (Submitted by the RCMP)

Retiring is a monumental shift in lifestyle that catches some off guard, requiring an adjustment period.

That is not the case for Luke.

The Golden Lab mix, who was a former stray, is marking one year since he retired from his successful career with the RCMP as a drug-detection dog and was adopted by a local RCMP family.

To put it simply, Luke is living his best life. 

Luke's days now consist of belly rubs, long walks in the woods, swimming and treats. 

All of that would make anyone, and any dog, exhausted, so Luke also enjoys his fair share of naps. 

Rest after a successful career

Luke, on the boat and loving life. (Submitted by the RCMP)

The RCMP shared a glimpse into Luke's post-retirement life, and thanked him again for his service. 

During his nine-year police career, Luke sniffed out over $5 million in drugs and cash. One major highlight was when ne caught $1.3 million in drug money headed to mainland Canada from St. John's.

Luke came a long way from when he lived on the streets of St. John's. He was picked up by St. John's Humane Services and when no one claimed him, a staff person contacted the RCMP in hopes the police force would recruit and adopt him.

His drug-detection services were no longer needed shortly before the legalization of cannabis took effect. 

"Any of our dogs that are trained in cannabis detection are now having to be retired simply because if it's going to be a legal substance, we don't want dogs out there that are going to hit on a legal substance," RCMP Cpl. Jolene Garland said in July 2018, at Luke's retirement party.

Luke shakes hands after serving nine years with the RCMP at his retirement party in July 2018. (Peter Cowan/CBC)

Life for Luke may be a little less action-packed now compared to his days on the force, but it seems to agree with him. 

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With files from Katie Breen and Peter Cowan