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Small plane crashes near Lower Island Cove, no injuries

A small sea plane crash landed on Monday near Lower Island Cove, but the pilot was not injured.

People reported hearing a popping noise before the plane landed in some trees

A small plane crashed in the woods near Lower Island Cove on Monday. The pilot escaped unharmed. (Courtesy Ed Hopkins)

A small sea plane crash landed on Monday morning near Lower Island Cove, but nobody was injured.

Fire crews from Old Perlican and Bay de Verde, as well as RCMP officers, were called to a wooded area near Lower Island Cove around 11 a.m.

The pilot, a man, has a summer home in the area. There were no other passengers on the plane.

It's the best kind of call we like. This call, you don't have to do nothing.- Colin Kelly

"The pilot was OK, he was out on the road," says Old Perlican Asst. Fire Chief Colin Kelly.

It's not clear why the plane crash landed, but Kelly said the plane itself seems to be in good shape, other than a wing that had broken off after hitting the trees.

The pilot had been on the pond earlier in the day, Kelly said, before gassing up and taking off again.

Kelly said people in the area reported hearing a popping sound from the plane just before it crashed into a densely-wooded area.

A search and rescue helicopter was also called to the scene of the plane crash in Lower Island Cove on Monday morning. (Submitted by Hannah Barry)

"She was only about 100 feet of the road, and the woods were that heavy we couldn't even see her. We had to walk down through the trees so we could see her. We got in there and seen that there was no threat of fire or nothing so we walked back out of it," Kelly said.

"The search and rescue helicopter flying overhead they couldn't even see the plane and they were right over top of it."

The scene was cleared before 1 p.m., Kelly said, and there's no threat to the public.

"It's the best kind of call we like. This call, you don't have to do nothing."

Kelly said the plane will likely need to be taken apart to get it out of the woods.

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With files from Stephanie Tobin and Lukas Wall