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Meet a turntablist: Why just play records when you can make music, too?

It's the latest chapter in our series For the Love of Music ... and the instrument this time sure isn't a saxophone or a piano.

For the Love of Music: Turntablist Bryan Hobbs scratches up a storm

Bryan Hobbs performs under the stage name MC Snax. He says turntablism has had its surges and drops in popularity over the years, but still draws stead (Mark Cumby/CBC)

For Bryan Hobbs, it all comes down to a couple of turntables. Oh, and a crossfader. 

Hobbs is a musician, but he uses more than just musical instruments to delight audiences. Since he was a kid and saw DJs spin their stuff on TV, he's been drawn to scratching.

A cornerstone of hip hop, scratching is the art of rapidly moving vinyl back and forth under a needle, hopefully finding a jam to add to the mix.

Hobbs, who performs as MC Snax, shows how two turntables, some gear and a stack of vinyl can create something new and wonderful.

"A lot of times we use break records that actually have sound effects or drum loops for the sole purpose of scratching," he says.

Hobbs shows talks about turntablism in our latest segment of For the Love of Music, with video producer Mark Cumby. Click the player below:

Scratch that: For this musician, it all comes down to a couple of turntables

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For the Love of Music: Turntablist Bryan Hobbs explains how he fell in love with scratching 2:50