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Mysterious loud bang in Labrador leaves more questions than answers

An unusual sound and sight Monday night has many people on the north coast guessing what happened.

Reports of the Monday night incident ranged along north coast

The mystery of what happened Monday night in Labrador may never be solved. (Submitted by Timothy Collins)

Colleen Pottle was winding down her Monday night with her husband in front of the T.V. at their home in Makkovik when something she'd never heard before had them both leap to their feet in alarm.

"We heard just a really loud bang. And when I think back on it, what it sounded like was a huge oil drum falling from up high and hitting the ground. You [could] kind of hear the echo of a drum — that's what it sounded like," Pottle told CBC Radio's Labrador Morning.

"Our house actually shook."

Pottle ran to the door while her husband checked out the window: all was clear and quiet outdoors, even in the direction of the nearby diesel power plant, which the couple feared had been involved.

"I was thinking, I hope something didn't blow up."

Explanations, or lack thereof

Searching for answers, Pottle took to social media and posted on Facebook, asking if anyone else had heard or felt something extraordinary around 10:30 p.m. It seems many others did: Pottle said some began replying to her post immediately, around 40 responses in all.

"Some people heard it. Other people were thinking meteorite, some people were suggesting it was an earthquake," she said, adding comments came in from as far as Postville and Hopedale.

People were thinking meteorite, some people were suggesting it was an earthquake.- Colleen Pottle

While many people had theories, none had definitive answers, and Pottle ended up with a sleepless night.

"All these thoughts are coming into your head: I was thinking, gosh, I hope it wasn't a meteorite and there's one coming towards us," she said, admitting her fears seemed a bit silly once the light of day hit.

Earthquakes Canada, a division of Natural Resources Canada which tracks seismic activity, recorded no disturbances anywhere close to Labrador on the night in question.

While Pottle said many people are sticking to the meteorite theory, it remains simply that: a theory, suggesting that perhaps no one may ever know what happened that night on Labrador's north coast.

With files from Labrador Morning