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London man assaulted flight attendant on plane diverted to Labrador: RCMP

Edward Myhill, 31, was taken off the plane, which was travelling from Heathrow to Chicago, and now faces three criminal charges.

Edward John A. Myhill, 31, is facing 3 criminal charges

Edward Myhill, 31, of London arrives for his court appearance in Happy Valley-Goose Bay in police custody. (Jacob Barker/CBC)

A 31-year-old man from England has been charged with assaulting and threatening a flight attendant on board an American Airlines flight that was forced to divert to Goose Bay. 

Edward John A. Myhill is also facing a charge of mischief — for a total of three criminal charges — related to the incident Tuesday afternoon. 

Flight AA87, travelling from Heathrow to Chicago, had 266 passengers and 13 crew members aboard when it was diverted for what the airline and police called a disruptive passenger.

Myhill, who is from London, appeared in provincial court in Happy Valley-Goose Bay on Wednesday afternoon and is due back in court Aug. 19. Federal Crown lawyers said they're waiting on details from the airline about the costs incurred to land in Goose Bay. Myhill remained in custody at the end of Wednesday's hearing. 

A man who was removed from this plane after it was diverted to Goose Bay is facing several charges. (Marc Saucier/Submitted)

No information on the incident was provided by the airline or the RCMP, and the details were not discussed in court on Wednesday. But a passenger onboard the flight Tuesday said on Twitter that Myhill was restrained by the cabin crew.

The man was taken off the plane and held in police custody overnight. 

He has also been charged for violating two subsections of the Aeronautics Act: endangering the safety of a flight or people on board, and lessening the flight crew's ability to perform their duties. 

The plane, a Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, refuelled before continuing on its flight path.

This is a photo Tuesday taken by a passenger aboard American Airlines Flight 87, which was forced to land because of an alleged disruptive passenger who is now facing charges. (@IAmNotLuke/Twitter)

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