Listen Up: How it feels to lose your mom at 14

Kaleb Swain Carpenter was about five when he first heard the word cancer. He didn't know much about the disease, but he knew his mom had it.

Listen Up, a new audio series about N.L. teens, launches this week with Kaleb's story

Kaleb Swain Carpenter over the years with his mom, Tenna Swain. Kaleb is 18 today, and lives in his hometown of Carbonear. He's in his first year studies at College of the North Atlantic. (Amy Joy/CBC & Kaleb Swain Carpenter )

Kaleb Swain Carpenter was about five years old when he first heard the word cancer. 

He didn't know much about the disease … but he knew his mom had it. 

"I'm just a little kid and I can't really wrap my head around this kind of stuff. It didn't make any sense. Of all people, how she could be sick?" 

Kaleb is now a teenager, and tells his story in the debut episode of CBC Newfoundland and Labrador's series Listen Up. 

Click the player below to hear how he describes what it's like to experience loss, grief, anger and healing, all while still growing up.

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