Back where it belongs: Land and Sea returns to Monday evenings

Land and Sea has come home … to the time slot it lived in for 26 years.
The next episode of Land and Sea is about Janice and Rendell Drover, and how they dealt with a life-threatening accident. (CBC)

Land and Sea has come home … to the time slot it lived in for 26 years. On Monday evenings, at 7 o'clock NT, you can now enjoy Land and Sea, right after Here & Now.

Following Land and Sea through its various time slots has probably been our audience's biggest challenge over the years.

While we've been on 12:30 NT on Sundays for many seasons now, the new, yet old, Monday evening slot is an added bonus.

Bottom line, our audience now gets two chances to see Land and Sea. If you miss it 12:30 on Sunday,  you can watch on Monday at 7.  And this season, as usual, there's lots to see.

Last week we took you to Tilt Cove, Canada's tiniest town, on the island's Baie Verte Peninsula. Population: 4. Four people, two dogs and two cats.  

This Sunday and Monday, we'll bring you a story that will make you believe miracles really can happen.

Coming up: Her Miracle Man 0:40

Her Miracle Man is the story of a fisherman from Upper Island Cove who was struck by a forklift — a man who was in a coma for four months, and who was never supposed to wake up.

Throughout the fall and into the spring, we'll take you all over Newfoundland and across to Labrador — that's where you'll meet a true, honest-to-God Labrador lumberjack.  

This is Land and Sea's 53rd season, and even after 53 years, it seems we never run out of stories to tell.

Now you can once again watch those stories on Monday evenings.

Just like the old days.

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Pauline Thornhill

Land and Sea

Pauline Thornhill hosts and produces Land and Sea, the longest-running television program in Newfoundland and Labrador.