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Labrador school to stay shuttered for months

The school in Charlottetown on Labrador's coast will be closed for at least another two months after more mould was discovered.

More mould found at William Gillett Academy in Charlottetown

The school in Charlottetown on Labrador’s coast will be closed for at least another two months.

Western School Board officials confirmed last night that more mould has been found at William Gillett Academy.

School council member Lisa Dempster said the priority now is to find places for students to attend classes.

"It's absolutely critical that we try and get something in place that's adequate because the temporary learning environment, where they were, was not adequate," Dempster said. "And we needed to make a statement strongly,  which we've been doing all week."

On Tuesday, parents kept their children home to put pressure on the board to act.

Officials are in Charlottetown assessing the situation and looking for temporary alternatives to the school.