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Labrador crab fisherman 'awestruck' at size of this year's catch

A Labrador crab fisherman says this season is shaping up to be the best he's seen in over 20 years on the water.
Crab fisherman William Larkham Jr. says he is seeing 'monster' crab this season. (William Larkham Jr.)

A Labrador crab fisherman says this season is shaping up to be the best he's seen in over 20 years on the water.

William Larkham Jr. fishes off the north coast near Makkovik and said he is amazed by the size of the crab being caught this season.

"We've seen some big crab through the years, but nothing compared to what we are seeing this year," he said.

Crab harvesters in Labrador are reporting one of the best year's in recent memory for the fishery this year. (CBC)

"It's almost like a special run of crab."

Larkham started fishing crab in 1993, and still can't believe the size of the catch so far this summer.

VIDEO: Big crab in 2J North, Labrador

"You're kind of awestruck, they're that big," he said.

"I've seen some big crab before, but sometimes you might see one or two like that a season, or some seasons you won't see none that big. But to see 10, 15, 20 over two pounds out of one string — it's kind of special, really. You don't see that very often."

A 'bumper' year

The crab season runs for about six weeks, but Larkham said his crew reached their quota in just 11 days.

He says prices are also up, so he's expecting this to be his best year ever fishing crab.

"Everything is up this year, shrimp and crab, it's going to be a bumper year, perhaps the best we've ever had," he said.

"Lots of time when you see crab coming in the pot like that, all you can think about is garlic butter."


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