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La Scie plant shut amid crab sale dispute

Hundreds of people who have relied on the La Scie fish plant appear to be jobless, with the mayor saying operator has no plans to reopen.

Daley Brothers walking away from plant, mayor claims

The mayor of La Scie says Daley Brothers cannot find crab to process at its plant in the Baie Verte Peninsula town.

Hundreds of people who have relied on a fish plant on Newfoundland's Baie Verte Peninsula for work appear to be jobless, with La Scie's mayor saying the plant's operator has no intention of reopening it.

Daley Brothers will not restart operations at the plant because it cannot find fishermen willing to sell their crab catches, Mayor Paul Thoms told CBC News.

"People are not shipping to the Daley Brothers," Thoms told CBC Radio's Fisheries Broadcast. "Some people were saying they were owed money from them in the past. I think the bottom line is [that] they don't trust them."

Daley Brothers, one of the largest seafood processing companies in Newfoundland and Labrador, did not return phone calls from CBC News.

Thoms said he would be breaking the news on Thursday to residents of La Scie, which has had a fish plant for almost 50 years.

About 300 people have been working at the plant. At peak, about 700 people were once on the payroll.

Thoms said meetings he had with Daley Brothers to persuade the company from abandoning the plant were not successful. "The Daleys' interest is gone," he said.

"There's no backdoors about it. Its interest is gone [in terms of] operating in La Scie ... I asked the Daleys at that meeting, were they going to come out and meet with the workers and explain what was going on, but they just totally refused that and said they know what was going on, they have no product," Thoms said.