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Who are K.R. and Sonia? The billboard mystery of Conception Bay South

Driving along Peacekeepers Way going into Conception Bay South, it’s hard not to notice two large billboards that have the words "KR Loves Sonia" written in large block letters.

Amateur sleuths trying to determine the identities behind the public declaration of love

This billboard was put up in November on Peacekeepers Way near the Fowler's Road exit, heading into Conception Bay South. (Meg Roberts/CBC)

Driving along Peacekeepers Way going into Conception Bay South, it's hard not to notice two large billboards: one has the words "KR Loves Sonia" written in large block letters, with a large red heart standing in for "Loves," and the other declares KR and Sonia to be soulmates.

But who is K.R. and why are they telling everyone they love Sonia?

The mystery has been eating Carla Crotty up. The Conception Bay South resident has spent the past month trying to figure out who is behind the message after the billboard went up around the end of November.

Carla Crotty has been investigating who is behind the billboards for the past month. (Bruce Tilley/CBC)

Crotty says she started looking for Sonias on Facebook who live in C.B.S. and searching through their friends to find someone with the initials K.R. She also put out a call on social media to see if anyone knew anything.

"To take over two full billboards … up to the highways where thousands of people are commuting each day and seeing, you are obviously looking for attention," she said.

"My first thought was I automatically presumed it was probably an individual that was trying to get the attention of another individual."

Company staying quiet

A representative of Pattison Outdoor Advertising, the company that owns the billboard, said it's a private citizen who has paid for the space. Beyond that, however, Pattison is staying tight-lipped.

"Though I would love to share, our client has asked us not to divulge any information about themselves," Sherry Kirwin, Pattison's Atlantic region general manager, wrote in an email to CBC.

It's not just Crotty who's curious about the billboard; dozens of people are searching for answers.

"I have heard dozens of different conspiracy theories about what it might be," Crotty said.

Some of those conspiracy theories can be found on social media. The posts insinuate KR is some sort of stalker, others believe the billboard is an advertisement for an '80s pop star — but everyone's favourite theory is simply that KR and Sonia are madly in love.

This is just one of many social media threads trying to solve the mystery. (Twitter)

"I doubt we will ever get to the bottom of it unless K.R. and Sonia decide to put their hands up one day," said Crotty, who added she has exhausted her investigative efforts and the mystery will just have to remain.

"I'd love to know, but it is kind of nice to not know in the same sense and just leave it up to hoping K.R. and Sonia really are soul mates and this is just a very nice love story."

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