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Kathy Dunderdale, now and then, on Muskrat Falls

Former premier talks accusations by Andy Wells, plus a look back at what she said about Muskrat Falls when she was in government.

The former premier talks about allegations by Andy Wells, plus a look back at 2012 sanctioning

Former Nalcor CEO Ed Martin, far left, former premier Kathy Dunderdale, centre, and former natural resources minister Jerome Kennedy, far right, at the announcement of the Muskrat Falls sanctioning. (CBC)

It's not every inquiry that sees two former premiers called in to testify about the state of a major hydroelectric project, but that's just what happened at the Muskrat Falls public inquiry.

Weeks ago, Danny Williams gave testimony to the inquiry. This week, fellow former premier and his successor, Kathy Dunderdale, also spoke to the inquiry.

Dunderdale told the inquiry that debate over Muskrat Falls got very personal for her, with heated exchanges from parties on both sides.

As well, she answered questions about allegations made by Andy Wells, former chair of the Public Utilities Board, who described behaviour by Dunderdale and others in the Danny Williams government as "threatening," "menacing" and a "pack of bullies."

Dunderdale on Dec. 18 said that was never the case, adding she "was not interested in getting into it with Andy Wells, not now, not then, not ever."

For that moment, as well as clips of Dunderdale throughout the sanctioning on Muskrat Falls when she was premier, check out the video player below.

The former premier gave testimony in December 2018. Here's a look back at what she said when the project was sanctioned in 2012. 4:03

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