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Meet Karyn Inder, the Newfoundland plus-size model featured in Vogue magazine

A Newfoundland woman who moved to Toronto to pursue a career in modeling has landed a photo in Vogue Italia.

Inder works for B&M Models in Toronto under its Curvy brand

Karyn Inder is a model originally from St. John's, Newfoundland who has been featured in Vogue Italia's Be Body Aware feature. (Vogue Italia)

A Newfoundland woman who moved to Toronto to pursue a career in modeling has landed a photo in Vogue magazine.

Karyn Inder, originally from St. John's, is one of the models featured in Vogue Italia as part of a campaign called Be Body Aware.

Inder currently works in Toronto with her agency B&M Models, and is working under its Curvy category, which includes models with a dress size of 12 to 16.

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The Vogue editorial was a series of photos for model Tia Duffy's Be Body Aware campaign which is meant to promote a positive body image by exhibiting a variety of different female body types.

"We worked so hard on it but to actually see it with the Vogue Italia logo above it is pretty amazing," Inder told the St. John's Morning Show.

"They're very high-fashion editorial looking. Just simple makeup, simple black body suits, just to really embody what Tia's campaign is going for. Which is diversity on all platforms, especially fashion."

Inder has also been featured in clothing magazines and catalogs, such as this one for Dare magazine. (B&M Models/Photo by Carlyle Routh)

Inder, who graduated from Memorial University of Newfoundland with a business degree in 2011, said working in the fashion industry is not just about making a living.

She said it also allows her to feel like she's actually empowering women by showing that beauty comes in different shapes and sizes.

Karyn Inder works out of Toronto for B&M Models but has also worked internationally. (B&M Models)

Inder's plan is to continue working with her agency in Toronto, while looking for international opportunities in Europe and the United States.

"I do love this industry," she said. "Ever since I came up here I have been signed elsewhere, like in Montreal and Spain, which is very exciting."

Inder is signed with B&M Models under its Curvy category, which features models with dress sizes 12-16. (B&M Models)

With files from St. John's Morning Show