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Justin Trudeau pumps up St. John's Liberal fundraiser

Liberal MP Justin Trudeau tells local Liberals he is confident they can rebuild their party and form government again.

Justin Trudeau

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9 years ago
The Liberal MP was the guest speaker at a provincial Liberal fundraiser Wednesday night 9:01

Liberal MP Justin Trudeau told a hotel ballroom that he is confident the struggling party can rebuild and form government again in Newfoundland and Labrador.

"This room would not be filled if something wasn't happening here in Newfoundland, with the Liberal Party of Newfoundland," Trudeau told a crowd of almost 400 at a dinner at the Delta Hotel in downtown St. John's.

Trudeau, a star in federal politics and the son of former prime minister Pierre Trudeau, was the attraction at a fundraiser that cost $250 per plate. Some paid as much as $3,500 per table to attend.

The provincial Liberals held on to Opposition status in October's election, but remain mired in debt. This month the party is  launching a province-wide renewal process that officials say is geared to retaking power in 2015.

Trudeau said Liberals will succeed by listening.

"There's a tremendous opportunity to sit around the kitchen tables of communities across the province, across the country and have serious talks about how we're going to build a better country," Trudeau told reporters.

Provincial Liberal Leader Dwight Ball said the party's priority is paying down its debt.

"We need to make sure we are in a good position financially to run a good successful campaign in the next election," he said.