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Warning: This article contains pictures of June snowfall

One man sums it up: "I looked out to the window, and I felt like going back to bed again."

In Newfoundland and Labrador, rounding up the best (worst?) that Mother Nature has to offer

'Is this why I live in Newfoundland? I think not!!' says Brian Tremblett of Gander on Twitter. (Brian Tremblett/Twitter)

Remember when the made-up month "Juneuary" felt like a cute joke and not an annual certainty?

Neither do we.

Environment Canada warned us that there was a risk of snow and frost in parts of Newfoundland and Labrador from Monday night through early Tuesday — both on the island and in the Big Land — and Mother Nature delivered.

That's how we wound up with the provincial Department of Transportation and Works sending out the snowplows in western and central Newfoundland early Tuesday morning.

There's snow on the decks, snow on the roads and snow on our minds.

"I got up and I looked out to the window, and I felt like going back to bed again, really. The truck was there with four, five inches [12 centimetres] of snow all over, and the patio has three or four inches all over the patio, and the driveway has four or five inches, and it's still falling here yet," said John Lushman, who has a cabin at Peter Strides Pond, near the Burgeo Highway.

Lushman said he's had the cabin for 18 years and has never seen snow this late in June before.

John Lushman's truck is covered with snow at Peter Strides Pond near Burgeo. (Submitted by John Lushman)

"I wasn't planning on doing too much, now, just relaxing here. But I wasn't planning on shovelling no snow."

What can one do but pick up your phone, take some pictures and commiserate?

And that's just what people did. Here are a few of the best for you to … well, "enjoy" might not be exactly the right word.

Tracy Parsons says she and her husband, Mike, have been camping at Peter Strides Pond near the Burgeo highway since 2007 and they've never seen anything like this. (Tracy Parsons)
Trudy Tobin of Grand Falls-Windsor says her grandkids are skipping backyard pool time today. (Trudy Tobin/Twitter)
Andrew Sheppard of Millertown would like someone to tell him whether it's the 26th of June or the 26th of December. (Andrew Sheppard/Twitter)
Gregory Cutler of Corner Brook would like to remind everyone that Canada Day is only six days away. We don't wish to alarm you, Gregory — but it's only five! (Gregory Cutler/Twitter)

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