Jumping Bean Coffee perks its way across Canada

St. John's-based coffee roaster and retailer Jumping Bean Coffee has expanded in Newfoundland and Labrador — and across the country in all Target Canada stores.
Jeff LeDrew says there are five varieties of Jumping Bean Coffee available at Target Canada nationwide. (CBC)

St. John's-based coffee roaster and retailer Jumping Bean Coffee has expanded in Newfoundland and Labrador — and across Canada. 

The company was founded by Jeff LeDrew in 2005.

LeDrew said his passion for coffee started while he was a student at Memorial University.

"I went through engineering ... I think I ate coffee beans. I think it must have got in my system somewhere along my way. For sure, I was into it hardcore during university," said LeDrew.

LeDrew was working as an engineer when the seed of roasting his own coffee beans took root. He started small, roasting just three ounces of beans to brew his own coffee.

Today, Jumping Bean Coffee roasts between 300,000 and 400,000 pounds a year. 

"We actually distribute it and do some private labels for mostly independent cafés. So when consumers are out, they can ask where their coffee is roasted. We roast most of the independents in the city."

Retail giant Target Canada is now carrying one-pound bags of Jumping Bean Coffee at all its stores across Canada. (CBC)

In addition to supplying local coffee shops, locally roasted coffee can be found at a number of big retailers — including one of the biggest — Target Canada.

"We sell to 118 stores right across, coast to coast with Target. We also sell through six of the Atlantic Costco stores ... as well as Sobey's, as well as our local suppliers or local grocers that have helped us over the years, Colemans and Belbins and Powells and those sort of folks."

Five varieties can be found in the aisles of all Target Canada stores: French Columbian, Espresso, Deep Water Dark, Lighthouse Roast and East Coast Roast.

Jumping Bean has its own full-service coffee shop on Harvey Road in St. John's and kiosks that are located throughout the city.

LeDrew has also started to franchise the brand, with the first two open in Gander and Grand Falls-Windsor.

"Now we have an offering that we're looking to roll out, hopefully, right across the country. We put out some interest in the Atlantic provinces. So we're looking to see five outlets in Halifax, three in New Brunswick, and two in PEI in relatively short order."


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