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Joshua Miller still missing 2 years later, friends wonder what happened

Two years after Joshua Miller's disappearance, there's still no sign of what happened, and friends say it's something in their thoughts most days.
Joshua Miller has been missing for two years, and there's still no clear answer about what happened to him 1:49

It's been two years, and there's still no answers about 20-year-old Joshua Miller's disappearance  something friends say is still on their minds most days.

Miller was last seen in February 2013 when he got into a cab on George Street and reportedly got out on Blue Puttee Drive in St. John's.

Joshua Miller, 20, went missing in February 2013 after spending a night in downtown St. John's with friends. There's been no concrete evidence of what happened to him after that. (CBC )
Despite an extensive search by Rovers Search and Rescue, the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary, and friend and family, there's no sign of what happened to Miller.

Chris Duke, a friend of Miller's, said he's been helping out in the search for his friend's whereabouts since he was reported missing, but nothing concrete has turned up.

"I can't even fathom the fact that two years later, we're still here, we're still stalemated at this point," said Duke.

"Just the lack of pertinent information that has come along in the last two years and the lack of progression in the investigation — I mean, we're virtually at a standstill."

'Seems efforts have been futile'

According to Duke, his friend's disappearance still takes a toll most days.

He had so much enthusiasm for life it was almost inspiring and his absence has such a profound effect on the people who loved and cared about him.- Chris Duke, friend of missing Joshua Miller

"It's been tumultuous, at best. From day to day, there's times when you can completely tune it out, you can go about your day as if it's normal routine. But then there's days when even the slightest trigger from a song or passing a location that can bring the situation right to the forefront of your thought pattern," he said.

Duke added that while he's tried to remain positive that something will eventually turn up, it's hard to keep spirits up.

"It seems like our efforts have been futile. I mean, you try to keep these feelings of optimism that eventually something will come forward that will lead in the right direction," said Duke.

"There's days where you're feeling sad and upset at the fact that this is happening … when it hits close to home, [it's a] complexity of the emotions that I don't wish upon either friend or foe."

Nothing left unturned

Duke said he and some other friends continue to look in areas that weren't officially searched by police, just in case they stumbled across something.

However, nothing's been discovered.

Harry Blackmore, with Rovers Search and Rescue, says he originally expected to find Joshua Miller within a couple of days, and it's unusual for someone to be missing this long in the specific area they were searching. (CBC)
Harry Blackmore, with Rovers Search and Rescue, said he figured crews would find Miller fairly easily, considering the region they were searching.

"We figured he might have got caught in a tree or something and broke his leg or whatever, but from the area we searched down there it's a massive, massive area and every bit of it was done like a fine-tooth comb, really, over two or three different times," said Blackmore.

"So where he could be gone is right now anybody's guess."

The main area searched is a fairly busy residential and retail area of the metro St. John's area, and Blackmore said for a missing person to go undiscovered for this long is unusual.

"We figured for sure that we would have him within a day or so, but with the amount of effort that went into it from the police — everything that we could have down there we had. We had the horse down there, a full mounted unit, dogs were down from the RNC, we had our own divers in the river, our own people down in suits," he said.

"Everything that we had we threw at it for a good amount of time, and for someone to go missing like that down there it is unusual. Where he could have went, nobody knows."

Won't forget Joshua

Meanwhile, Duke said despite the fact that the case doesn't appear to be moving forward despite the amount of effort put into it, he wants to make sure people don't forget his friend.

"We try not to let Josh's story fade out of the limelight — this was a guy who had so much to give the world. What he aspired to do, certainly in the last few months that he was around, he was well on his way to attempt to become accepted as a police officer because he wanted to help people — that was Josh by nature," said Duke.

"He had so much enthusiasm for life it was almost inspiring and his absence has such a profound effect on the people who loved and cared about him."

The RNC said there is still an active investigation into Miller's disappearance.


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