Johnny Cash's son arrested at Deer Lake airport after removing his clothes

RCMP say John Carter Cash had stripped down to his underwear during an unusual incident after a hunting trip.

Johnny Cash's son was arrested in Deer Lake for causing a disturbance after police responded to a report of a man stripping down to his underwear in the airport.

Deer Lake RCMP later identified the man as John Carter Cash, son of the late musician.

Cash was in Newfoundland for a hunting trip and was on his way home from the excursion.

RCMP said Cash had stripped down to his underwear.

Police had been told as they headed to the airport that a man was either drunk or suffering from medical issues, and that he had missed his flight.

On arrival, RCMP officers spoke with security and learned they had convinced Cash to put his clothes back on, and that he was indeed drunk.

Cash will be released when sober and will catch a flight home on Tuesday morning.

Charges are not being laid as Cash cooperated with police and security and has no previous criminal record.

Very few people actually witnessed the event, security told police.